How do I receive the funds that the fundraiser has raised ?

To proceed with payout it is mandatory to upload all the necessary documents by logging in and going to your account. Please note OBring Smile cannot process any payout until the necessary information is uploaded. Once the documents have been uploaded and verified, OBring Smile follows a weekly payout cycle on the INR amount of funds raised where all funds raised during a given week from Monday-Sunday are transferred into the bank account during the following week on Wednesday. We would highly recommend that you complete the compliance documentation when your fundraiser is running for fast and smooth payout. For more queries here please write to [email protected]

How much funds will be credited to my account?

Please refer our Plans and Pricing page for the detailed breakup.

Do I need to submit any information to receive the funds ?

YES its mandatory to submit and upload all documents and provide all the necessary bank information for OBring Smile to process and transfer the funds you have raised. ONLY once all documents are provided will the funds be transferred.